Our services

HDD Technology
We are the leader committed to improving the safety and professionalism of the HDD Industry. Our goal is to continue raising our standards and that of the industry through innovative developments, education and training. From the company’s founding,

We are the master in Installations of pipelines, whether it be gas/water/sewer, have drilled under rivers, waterways, highways, railroads, interstates, airport runways, lakes, ponds, congested city areas, water canals/corridors and mountains, runway, river, Railway line, canal , fly - over National Highway etc.we have valued quality over quantity by basing our success on the successes of our clients. Our mission is to complete of each and every project successfully without compromising safety or quality.

Below are the services includes:
  • Installation of underground pipes and ducts
  • Installation of multiple underground ducts or conduits
  • Installation of pipe on grade to a tolerance of 0.1%