Quality Systems

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Statement:

We realize that quality assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are of great significance to our operation. For this effect, AL FALAH has assigned professional inspectors, reporting to the company's project manager to ensure that no deviation from the work standers and job requirements has taken place.

In addition Hesham Mohammed Al-Muzain Gen. Cont. Est. [AL FALAH ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS] runs a continuous educational and training program for all levels of employees, to ensure full awareness of this concept among the company. It is our feeling in fact, that our total commitment towards project and effective implementation of QA & QC policies is the main factor to our success in the business.


Al Falah Policy Statement:

    • Management has been defined as getting things done through people effectively therefore will be measured by the quality of work produced, Hesham M.Al-Muzain Gen Cont (AL-FALAH) is quite aware of this fact and takes utmost care in selecting people to steer its wheels. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified, well trained, experienced and competent people.
    • Hesham M.Al-Muzain Gen  Cont (AL-FALAH)  Has always been proud of its enthusiastic, energetic and innovative managers who brought this company from scratch up to its present form.


    Following are the Management Team functions:
 To Implement Company’s General Policies:
  • To select, screen and recruit appropriate personnel for specified jobs.


  • To provide Training for Supervisor, Skilled & Un-skilled Staff to cope up with the changing time.
  • To monitor and liaise with Supervisors.
To provide Technical Support, Hygiene, Health Care, Safety and other project related matters of personnel.
  • To coordinate with clients to ensure that services are performed to their utmost satisfaction and accordance with stipulated agreement.


    Technical Expertise:
  • Hesham M.Al-Muzain Gen Cont (AL-FALAH) is well equipped and qualified to supply the clients technical services and know how derived from the company’s wide experience. Most staff are experienced overseas working would not have less then Two years in related activities.


  • In order to realize proper execution of any specific activity that is carried out smoothly parallel to given time table. Supervisors are assigned to each and every job that has been awarded to Hesham M.Al-Muzain Gen  Cont (AL-FALAH) The Company considers proper Supervision to be important and unavoidable in the performance of a particular job with scientific and technical perfection. The duties of our well experienced Supervisors are to supervise the working staff, checking daily  on the quality of the task completed giving necessary instruction and guidance, to ensure that the task are carried out in accordance with the specified schedule, keep the management constantly informed to the workers quality and performance, in order to take corrective measures well in time, take charge of the supplies and ensure proper distribution is done, to look  after the requirements of the workers which will aid the quality of the work.
  • The main asset and pride of Hesham M.Al-Muzain Gen Cont (AL-FALAH) is its comprising of well trained and experienced work force backed by highly experienced top management. The Company is proud of its manning, which has won laurels for this concern; the management not only concentrates on the selection and recruitment of the staff, but also scrutinizes and keeps a close watch on each individual’s performance in his relevant discipline. Anyone who is found not up to the expected standard is imparted with on the job training to keep him familiarize with the changing trends and techniques.